Front Page Fitness Challenge by Amanda Varela





Do I hear antoher challenge? Yes that is what Flex24 is all about.  We pride ourselves in helping others change their lives through fitness!  CBS7 Front Page and Flex24 have joined forces to make this challenge a reality.  We reached out to the community to send in a picture  and their individual stories as to why they want to make a life change and be fit.  This is and has been and enduring challenge that has taken place for 60 days!! They have been assigned a trainer to guide them and be a support system to aid them in their success.  For the passed couple of months these individuals along with their trainers have worked extremely hard to achieve their goals on making them physically fit.


These four have worked so hard, they might have been opponents at the moment but still walked the journey together hand in hand.  The challenge will all end on September 19th with the public having decided the winner!  Although we have a cutoff date I am positve this challenge will have made an impact on their lives.  We are excited to see them grow in the fitness world and grateful that we could be a part of it all.  Make sure you get your vote in!  You are welcome to follow them on FB "Front Page" to continue to see thier progress after the challenge.  Details will be posted on FB and the will be annouced on CBS7 at 4pm Friday September the 19th. Sweat and tears will be shed, so follow them, encourage them, cheer them on!!

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