New Orleans? Our instructors are going to a LesMills Quarterly in New Orleans on June 20th and 21st.

What is a Quarterly you ask? It's a huge seminar that all LesMills instructors are invited too,  they are expected to have at least 3,000 attend from all over the world.  It's a fun learning experience yet egiht hours of workout for 2 days it's going to kills us haha.

5 Weeks? We were about 5 weeks out until our big trip and thought we could do something special for our members.  We see how hard they all work and knew that incorporating nutrition would give them better results.  Therefore we put a packet together with a general meal plan to follow, grocery list, and resources to help them learn more about healthier eating habits.

Challenge? Everybody works a little harder when they have competition or great prizes at the end of it all.  I announced the challenge and so many were eager to join.  I honesty didn't think I would get that many to enter the challenge, I figured about 30 or so.  Boy was I wrong, I have entered 84 women in this challenge!!  To know that so many woman believe in us to teach and keep them motivated in class and helping them reach their goals is just one of the many perks of being an instructor. We are currently three weeks into this challenge and I have received all kinds of emails. Success of course as well as frustration with trying to change lifestyles that they have obtained for so long.  We are all doing this as a team, it's an everyday challenge but a learning experience at the same time.  Nutrition doesn't happen over night and that is what we are trying to teach our ladies.  " Healthier Choices", I always say "grilled chicken instead of fried and fruit instead of fries".  With our busy schedules which consist of working, kids in school, sports, vacations it's easier to go for the fast food.  The majority of us eat out at least 70% of the time.  In this challenge we teach them to prepare ahead of time, make healthier choices when you dine out, portions control.  These are all habits we can all incorporate in our everyday life.  This benefits us all not only the members but us as instructors, we build a friendship with each individual who attends class.  We learn each others struggles and sometimes what helps one can help another.  My personal weakness is sweets, I have learned that gum is an outlet, I am finding healthy recipes for protein banana cookies that I can share with my class.  Helping our members succeed is such a great feeling.  When they tell you " I have lost lbs" or "I'm frustrated what can I do"?  Our next step is results, I will soon have them weigh in and measure for a two week marker and nothing is more motivating then seeing results.  Our challenge ends on June 13th and our winners will be announced that following Monday.  We have great prizes in store for them, but I think the most rewarding and best prize they will ALL get from this challenge is CONFIDENCE!  You have to struggle and work hard for what you want in life, there is no magic pill or over night remedy. We all fall off the wagon several times but what matters is that we get back on! This does not all end on June 13th we are preparing to help them stay on track, whether it be through email and exchanging recipes we will all finish strong!!


What happens next...while we are in New Orleans getting the best torture of our lives we will need our members to cheer us on! We will be sending videos, posting pictures on our website as well as our Facebook page.  We even have matching shirts that we will wear as a team in New Orleans that our ladies can purchase and wear here! We might be a state away but yet united! This is just the beginning of our journey and I cant even imagine where our new venture will take us!