Shane Davidson


49 yrs. young

Odessa, TX

ISSA Certified Fitness Instructor, RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist, CPR certified
30 years ago I walked into a gym for the first time wanting to gain muscle and get stronger without a clue of how to do it. So I know how intimidating a gym can be! After 20 years’ experience as Registered Respiratory Therapist I received my training certification to follow my passion to help people achieve their goals of living a healthy fitness lifestyle. I offer teaching and instruction through one-on-one personal training and nutritional consultation with customized nutrition plans designed specifically for individual goals.

Stacey Norris




I was Competitive gymnast for 7 years and competed all over the state of Texas. I have coached Gymnastics for 19 years and currently still coaching.
I was an Odessa College cheer leader and Kinesiology major.
Started weight training soon after and fell In love with the sport. People began asking for my help, so I decided to start personal training. I have been personal training for the past 5 years at FLEX 24. I absolutely love helping people reach their life and fitness goals.. and currently have made it my career. It's very gratifying to teach people what I know and love, and to watch them put forth the effort to make the changes needed to improve their way of living. I hope to continue to motivate and inspire all my clients, and show people with a few simple changes their goals are possible. I have two beautiful daughters ages 10 and 11 whom I pray learn how to live a healthy life style through doing this, and to know that if they work hard enough for what they want anything is possible. I have the support of my husband through all my trials, and am very thankful for that.  I Was 29 before I stared really living the lifestyle. I began to prep for my first show in
2010 Black gold classic 1st
2011 black gold classic 1st
2011 USAS in Las Vegas 11th
2012 Texas shredder 1st
2012 team universe New Jersey 14th
2014 Texas state championships 1st
2014 nationals 2nd where I earned my IFBB PRO CARD in the Women's Physique division.
I will be Making my pro debut at the 2015 Dallas Europa pro bodybuilding show on June 19-20

Stacey Norris  [[[~]]]
IFBB PRO Women's Physique


Kevin Homsey


Odessa, Texas

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
My name is Kevin Homsey; I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I have 11 years’ experience in Exercise Science, including an extensive background in Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Martial arts. I like working with anyone from beginners to seasoned athletes or people who just want that extra push.

Caleb Dopp


Midland,TX(born-3)-Topeka,KS(3-14)-Niagara Falls,NY(14-17)

16yrs experience, Kettlebell Instructor for Odessa Collage, ISSA certified among other certifications
I've always had a strong interest in fitness. I have a thirst that is never quenched for knowledge in fitness and nutrition. I have been blessed to learn from around the world. I do not train everyone the same, what works for one may not work for everyone. I love all forms of training, Boxing, Kickboxing, Calisthenics, Weight training, and Kettle bells. I really enjoy seeing and being part of the profound difference training can make in one’s life. Not just in how you look, but also how you feel. Life is short, let me help you improve the quality of life today! Live Life More Abundantly!

Kim Hughes

Odessa, TX

Hey guys! My name is Kim, and I’m currently a Certified Personal Trainer at Flex 24 Fitness. I began working the front desk at a health and wellness center when I was 17 years old. After being there for about a year I fell in love with fitness and the lifestyle. I ended up getting certified through the American College of Sports Medicine with my Certified Personal Training certification and also graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology: Exercise Science from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. I love inspiring others and watching people transform their lives for the better when it comes to nutrition and exercise. I have the most rewarding job in the world. Whether your goal is to tone up, build muscle, shed fat in stubborn areas, maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, or even just build a bigger booty, I can tailor workout programs and nutrition plans that will allow you to achieve those goals. Fitness and overall wellness is what I live for, and I’m excited to spread this love for the lifestyle to my clients!

My favorite quote would have to be "Success isn't owned, its leased and rent is due every day." – JJ Watt

Shelbi Samford